Wrap yourself up in love with a wool blanket trimmed with floral cotton.

A few years ago I visited the American museum in Bath and got inspired by the quilts and coverlets I saw there and decided to produce a version of my own.

I love wool throws and blankets. They are so useful and just the thing to make you feel warm and happy in these austere times. They are a nice variation on the patchwork quilt, with the pretty heart motifs so reminiscent of the naïve art of the Shakers. I love Colonial and Frontier style and I think it fits in well with the make-do and mend culture which is everywhere now.

Blankets and throws can be placed at the foot of the bed or over the back of a chair. I like to cosy up in one whilst watching a DVD or sewing, but often find the cat or the dog has got there first! They are lovely when they are new, but even more so when they have become worn, and have acquired a slight wrinkly vintage effect when they are washed. Any patching adds to the unique character of each blanket’s history.  I can imagine having them for years and then passing them on to younger relatives or friends. It is a great pleasure to give throws and blankets as gifts, new or vintage. It is like a return to the times when textiles were not part of a throw-away culture, but rather valuable heirlooms to be treasured and bequeathed.

Animal and bird motifs also make good images to appliqué on to a blanket and I am working on extending the range to include these.  In the pictures Foolhardy, the beagle, noses up to a hare during the snowy weather a few months ago. In the strange weather we have been having this summer he has enjoyed burying himself underneath his blanket when it is a bit chilly in the evenings. In the hotter weather he lies on top of the throw, stretching himself out the length of the bed. Wool is such a magic fibre, with its ability to keep you warm, cool and dry! From everyone’s point of view, wool throws make a wonderful addition to any household.